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Welcome to the Readings page and thank you for dropping by.

My question to you is "why me?" Why book a private reading with Manalix, as there are so many choices for you to follow. Right now that is what you are doing, just by reading this page. Just let me tell you the way I work during your very private reading with me.

Your reading is not finished at the end of the consultation with me. Think about it - I will give you a life game plan, a glimpse into your future and clarity about the present.

After the reading your work really begins. Then you must put into action the insight you have been given by me.

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Yes there are many testimonials about Manalix - a few on here and many on psychic tv, however the choice will be yours. I am a very busy psychic who is involved with many aspects of the psychic world, to include mediumship, spiritual healing for humans and animals.

So please book with me by email. First go to the contact page and click on to the email link. If you wish an in-house face to face personal reading or healing this can be arranged, so tell me your needs so that I can give you an in-depth reading.

Whatever you choose I thank you for your interest in my web site. Come back soon!