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Manalix - psychic investigator into the paranormal.

There is another energy plane which exists alongside us in this modern world. It is so easy to ignore the energy of spirit, but in truth it can play havoc with our lives, especially if you are sensitive.

Have you ever felt ill at ease when you go into a house or building? I would assume you have. So are you picking up an energy from the past that still resides there, and is a presence still there from a long time past?

Have you ever seen a ghost , and passed it off as a trick of the light? A lot of ghost sightings can be explained away by investigation, and prove to be all in the mind, but there are others which need looking into in a serious way. So are you going to get in touch with me Manalix, to help and clear the paranormal activity in your house? It's no joke when you are almost frightened to go to sleep. Odd things can happen. Taps get turned on, electrical equipment goes on and off for no reason.

Most spirit energy is drawn to stay in one place, sometimes through love, or disaster that has occurred there in the past. Then there is the obsessive ghost, who may become very touchy with the living, even to the point of jealousy. It seems to happen mainly to women.

Now just a quick note re ghost animals. Cats in particular at times do not recognize that they have crossed over. They will visit time and time again, being held back because of love.

So please contact me, by email first, and I will advise you or visit you, to help and investigate the problem .